Assalamualaykum Brothers & Sisters,

InshaAllah Ramadhan is coming in few weeks. Below are some information about Ramadhan.


As in previous year, MSAQUT will be managing the iftar this year.

KG – The Iftar and teraweeh at Kelvin Grove Campus will be held at G2 building. We will inform about teraweeh time later on. We would like encourage students to come to KG for IFTAR and teraweeh

GP – The iftar will take place at the Usual prayer Room. MSAQUT will try our best to provide iftar for students in Gardens point depending on sponsorship. Please check and refer to daily whether iftar is provided for GP point.

If you would like to sponsor daily iftar at KG and GP campus, please book your day using this link

You can also put your contribution in the donation box provided at each musalla. The Donation put from today( 30 April 2018) will be used for iftar.

please volunteer and help us organise the iftar.


May Allah bless your time always.